Few of the many health benefits of the a�?EE-Moringa Teaa�� are as follows:-
i?? The Tea promotes a good night sleep
i?? It manages blood glucose level and stabilizes high blood pressure
i?? It lowers/brings down the cholesterol level (burns fat/adipose tissues)
i?? It cures headache, asthma, ulcers, arthritic pains, inflammation and tumor growth
i?? The Tea has an aphrodisiac quality
i?? It is an immune booster and alleviates insomnia, reduces anxiety. Depression and migraine
i?? It is an energy booster
i?? The tea has an Antibiotic and Antiviral properties which make it effective in the treatment of urinary track infection, typhoid, syphilis dental carries tooth aches, fungus through common cold.
i?? In contrary to coffee, tea and other energy drinks, EE-Moringa Tea does not contain caffeine
i?? It detoxifies the body
i?? EE-Moringa Tea prevents common killer diseases like hypertension and diabetes
i?? It is an important source of dietary fiber which prevents constipation, colon cancer, and coronary heart disease.
i?? It fights against free radicals in the body system
i?? EE-Moringa Tea is very rich in vitamin A which is important for eye, healthy skin, hair and nails. Deficiency of vitamin A causes thickening of scalp, dry hair and dandruff
i?? It minimizes malnutrition
i?? EE-Moringa Tea is a brain booster, because it contains an essential amino acid called Phenylalanine which produces chemicals required to transmit signals between nerve cells and brain; it improves memory
i?? EE-Moringa Tea cures and prevents Arthritis, because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
i?? It contains an essential amino-acid called Lysine which aids in the absorption of the right amount of calcium by the body.
i?? Moringa Tea boosts sperm counts.
i?? It increases energy production.
i?? It increases sex drive (Libido) in men.
i?? The Moringa Tea improves the flow of breast-feeding mothera��s milka��a��a��. Etc.

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