About Moringa


We are an integrated foods and Health company whose primary activity is the creation of superior value from local raw materials, with leading brands in the Moringa Drink, Moringa Oil and Moringa Animal Feed categories.
Eden Moringa and Allied Agricultural Products was incorporated in the year 2012 for the purpose of involving youth in agricultural businesses (A subsidiary of Eden Group Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, registered in 2006) which main purpose is to create a major Employment Opportunity for the optimal utilization of abundant Agricultural resources.
The company becomes more disturbed over the neglect of Agricultural Sector by the government despite its huge potential. In fulfillment of this vision, the company is undergoing production of Moringa Drink which is one of its major products, in achieving the above; the company will be utilizing 1 Ton of Moringa product per week in the first phase of the project. This is expected to increase to 3 Tons per week in the second phase of the project.
The company has acquired the following hectares of land in Kagbu, NassarawaEggon LGA of Nasarawa State and FCT Abuja:-
a�?A�A� A�2 Hectares for the Factory Site
a�?A�A� A�1 Hectare for Workers Estate
a�?A�A� A�1 Hectare Guest House to accommodate Client, Visitors and Investors
a�?A�A� A�10 Hectares of Moringa Plantation and is currently on expansion.
a�?A�A� A�10 Hectares of Moringa Plantation in Gaube farm extension, Kuje Area Council, FCT a�� Abuja.
The financial commitment and deep intent in the success of the company competent management team will see the company emerge as a leader in Moringa Drink and other Agricultural Processing Project in Nigeria and beyond

To improve the socioeconomic welfare of its stakeholders and produce excellent returns on investment through community partnership initiations.

To create a world class agricultural conversion plant that will provide the benefit of Economic Empowerment, Environmental Enrichment. Development and Widespread Employment of Native and Technocrats.